Our work supports clients in navigating complex situations and regions with confidence by providing insights with real time information, tactical monitoring and actionable recommendations. We can move extremely rapidly and be flexible in our approach, to problem solving. We are honest about where we can and cannot add value.We are a leading global provider of risk management, security, aid to humanitarian efforts, training and operational support services to government and commercial interests worldwide, Antaranveshan’s solutions include a range of synergistic services, including background investigations, social intelligence tools (social psychology, social response monitoring  among others), advanced training, logistics and life support, Drone services, and crisis response mitigation.


Antaranveshan is a new age consultancy specialized in risk management, investigative services, training and strategic intelligence to help organizations and governments identify, mitigate & manage business risks and security concerns, to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment.


Our technology backed  services span a broad range of synergistic solutions, including background investigations, brand protection, maritime security, social intelligence tools, advanced training capabilities, global tracking technology, information security services and crisis response mitigation.

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What makes us different is that our team comprises of a unique combination of seasoned veterans from the elite Air­borne Special Forces, Black Cat Com­mandos (NSG), Combat divers and Specialists in Anti Infiltration and Border Management. Extensive and varied combat experience and exposure to all types of terrains is our Hallmark.

Antaranveshan Professionals


We have op presence in India, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. We work with our a global network of local partners in these regions and deliver tailored, innovative and cost-effective solutions at a local level, to enable a safer environment and promote positive sustainable change and to support a safer and more stable world.


Our Clients

Confidentiality is paramount to most of the organizations we work for, so we don’t identify clients as a matter of course. They include government departments, national and multinational businesses in all sectors and law firms from many parts of the world. We also support small and medium-sized national and international companies on their journey to greater security, compliance and resilience. We have even served film crews while they worked underwater and we kept watch both on land and our divers kept the crew safe underwater.

Meet The Team

Col Krishnadas TR Director ANTARANVESHAN

Col Krishnadas TR (Retd)


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Col Krishnadas TR(Retd)  is a thoroughbred Special Forces Commando who has an outstanding service track record. A proud recipient of the much coveted Sword of Honour at the Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai, he brings on board an unmatchable experience of operating, planning and overseeing civil- military- socio-political operations in varied, deeply disturbed parts of India as well as the world in terrains that challenge human resilience and tenacity to its core. 

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Col Ravi Kumar (Retd)


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Colonel Ravi Kumar is an outstanding leader with an extremely rich experience in handling human emotions, various kinds of internal insurgencies, international conflicts while managing borders. A Master in Applied Psychology, he is an expert in projective techniques of personality assessment. He is also qualified on interrogation techniques and confession psychology. He has had the honour of assessing and selecting the officer cadre for the Indian Army at the prestigious Selection Centre South (SSB) at Bangalore, India. He dabbles with mentalism and hypnotherapy. He is an expert in negotiations and crisis management especially under hostile situations. A gifted influencer. his interviews also feature on National / International media. He is also a highly qualified project / program management professional.

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Col Deepak Kajla (Retd)

Chief Mentor

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Col Kajla is an experienced physical security risk management professional with 22 years of Army and 10 years of hands-on security design consulting and project management experience. Unique combination of risk and technology skills to design appropriate, open and scalable security systems for enterprises.

we are
Veterans Friendly

we recognize the experience and dedication that veterans contribute to our business as employees, business partners and suppliers.

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Antaranveshan also provide a range of associated services through our partner organisations Appleby Risk Ltd and Cougar  International.