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Ethics, Compliances & Policies

Yes Theory Antaranveshan

Quality Policy

Antaranveshan and its affiliate companies are committed to providing the highest quality training, products, and services and adhering to all applicable legal and standards’ requirements. We proactively take steps to avoid, prevent, and reduce the likelihood of disruptive or undesirable events and their consequences. Respect for human rights and a commitment to the safety of the public and our personnel and respecting the environment are our first priorities in conducting our operations. All employees support the development of quality training, products, and services across the company. We are dedicated to continually improving our management systems, ensuring alignment with our corporate goals, and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Antaranveshan abides by a code of business ethics and conduct designed to clearly communicate respect for human rights and the dignity of human beings as well as the prohibition of bribery and other crimes. Our policy informs all our employees of the company’s expectations and of their responsibilities and obligations as they relate to our fundamental values. Our policy provide guidelines for all employees and contractors, including the Board of Directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and consultants working on behalf of us.


Antaranveshan is a supporter of the UN Global Compact reflecting our commitment to aligning operations and strategies with universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Antaranveshan is an ethical leader in the risk management industry; compliant with all rules, regulations and legislation. We value our people, our clients and respect the countries in which we operate.