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Celebrity Close Protection Antaranveshan

Our operatives are purely drawn from the elite Special Forces and NSG (Black Cat Commandoes). They are most adept at the “softer skills,” with a capability of carrying out the harder and faster drills when absolutely necessary. We understand that  there is no “one size fits all” approach or generic template” available. However we make sure that the service you are paying for is right for you, your business, your family, or possibly all of the aforementioned.

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Executive Protection.

Our operatives are from the elite Special Forces and NSG/SPG. Our close protection team is mostly led by a Special Forces Veteran Officer.

Protective Surveillance.

Here we keep a low-profile approach used to protect clients who wish to maintain their privacy with the knowledge that a responsive security team is close at hand should a situation arise.

Security Driver.

The addition of a security driver ensures that clients are safely transported. This can be further enhanced by the use of an escort vehicle and additional close protection operatives should the threat dictate an elevation in security.

Counter Surveillance Support.

While providing executive protection in more complex situations, there may be intelligence or information to suggest that the client under our protection is being followed. We can support existing executive protection measures with the use of a counter surveillance team who will observe our movements and identify third parties who are monitoring our movements. Our aim is then to observe and identify the parties involved or provide covert intervention measures to deter delay or deny any further surveillance of our clients.

Residential Security.

Close protection operatives can be deployed to secure both homes and offices. This ensures the client’s home is secured 24 hours a day, in addition to their office when required.

Travel-related Risk Planning.

Whether an executive is traveling domestically or internationally, by ship or private aircraft, we provide services to address the risk of traveling in today’s world. We will assess the executive’s current safety plans, provide travel intelligence, and train family members in proper travel security.

Crisis Management.

These highly specialized services are designed to minimize clients’ vulnerability through pre-emptive planning and timely, expert guidance in the event of a crisis.

Airport Security Antaranveshan
Antaranveshan Luxury Sedans
  • Airport Meet and Greet

  • VIP Airport Meet and Greet (from aircraft door)

  • Low Profile Vehicles

  • Luxury SUV / Limo

  • Armoured Vehicles

  • Armed/Unarmed Escorts

  • Military / Police Escorts

  • Security Trained Drivers

  • Translators

  • Field Trauma Medics

  • Armoured Ambulances

  • Technical Sweep (bug and camera detection)

  • Security Advance Party (test route & reconnaissance of forward location)

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