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internal investigations


Process Audit and Reviews

We are experienced in carrying out detailed security surveys. We work with clients in government, industry, insurance companies and private individuals. Our surveys range from initial assessments to detailed examinations of corporate headquarters and remote, high-value facilities. We identify security risks and provide comprehensive, actionable and affordable recommendations for mitigating risk.


Discreet Background checks / Employee
Integrity Checks

How well can you trust a current or potential employee or associate? We can provide the answer


Corporate Fraud Investigations & Assess

This involves identifying the various parties and offshore vehicles used to facilitate such schemes and establishing their nexus of relationship to specific individuals as well as beneficial ownership and money flows. We serve as a vital link between the various components of field investigation, fact gathering, analytics and the client. 


Anti-Bribery & Corruption Compliance

We gather evidence and intelligence to help clients build and win cases, from simple fact-finding and locating and interviewing witnesses, to asset tracking and other evidential and investigative support in any situation including arbitration and litigation.


Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting

To pinpoint the source of piracy and counterfeiting, we work with you hand in hand to determine the nature and scale of your infringement case, identify the culprits and formulate a plan of action. That means hands on action, including working with your lawyers, making sample purchases and conducting pre-and post-raid surveys.


Mystery Shopping

If you are a buyer or a supplier who wants to conduct a survey of the counterfeit in the market we carry it out for you.

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Asia Pacific Head, Pharma Giant

The most indepth report, I have been dealing with other agencies too but by far you guys are good.

GM H.R, I.T 

You take a systematic approach to addressing clients’ needs. Trainings conducted by your  team was interactive and fun while being productive.

Legal Firm, Case incharge

Systematic in handling assets and  key pieces of evidence in support of litigation or arbitral awards