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Mitigate threats in your residence, business or other public and private locations with Antaranveshan Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service (TSCM).



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In few cases the bugs are designed to get detected by the detectors. So that, the bugs hidden deeply remain safe from the detectors as after getting the detected ones, there is a chance that they will stop searching for the deeply fitted ones. Such well-placed and high tech bugs/wireless devices need professional assistance and that is why we are recommended by our clients for securing & cleaning of any technically challenged place.

From quarterly sweeps to live monitoring, we conduct top of the line inspections and detection methods to alleviate threats and security vulnerabilities. Here are two examples of how we can deliver TSCM for you:

Hardwire, (Telephone & Telephone line search): A Hardwire bug or transmitter is a listening device that is attached to your phone or phone line. It's generally powered by the line or the phone itself. These are often hard to detect as they generally transmit when a call is in operation. A hardwire transmitter can be placed on the phone, line, or central telephone system. The transmitter can even be placed on your line outside of the building, or down the street at the junction box.

Radio Frequency (RF), (Spectrum & audio search): RF transmitters send wireless signals through the air. A FM / AM / Microwave counter surveillance scanner device can then intercept these signals.

Laser/Infrared bugs: These types of listening devices operate through a window or similar opening. An operative could easily setup the equipment via tripod connected to a transmitter and intercept your communication from miles away. A laser or infrared beam is shot into the room from any distance of up to many miles away. The audio in that room is picked up by the laser beam and transferred into data that is then sent over the light or infrared beam back to the sender. The sender normally has a recorder connected to the equipment and can record the conversation.

Physical Search: We conduct physical inspection of electrical outlets, air vents, ceiling; smoke detector covers, light switch covers etc. for bug detection.

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