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Antaranveshan offers a broad spectrum of training and capacity development services to government, military, law enforcement, and commercial customers across the globe.

Our instructors and training staff are skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in the elite Special Forces, MARCOS, Hostage negotiations, diplomacy, governance, international law, and capacity building in post-conflict and complex environments. With decades of experience serving with elite military and law enforcement specialist units to deliver hands-on, performance-oriented, individual and collective training for any development or security requirement.

Offering over 130 different trainings, our instructors are veterans from the Elite Special Forces, N.S.G, S.P.G, Specialized Recon Teams and MARCOS.

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Tailor made trainings Antaranveshan

Tailor made Trainings

Our trainings are conducted at the location that will be most effective and beneficial to our clients. Most often, at client-based sites with minimal disruption to their operational function.

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Scenario based trainings

Our real-world scenario based trainings, replicating an operational environment wherein our clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations. Whether on land, marine or airborne we ensure context-based training.

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Use of local resources

We make best use of local facilities, as well as supply necessary materials, to guarantee the most effective means of achieving the desired curriculum objective.

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Mobile training teams

We can construct and operate training facilities, as well as deploy Mobile Training Teams, worldwide. All of the curriculum is towards capacity building with Train the Trainer concept in mind.

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